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News Headlines 3.6

Get the latest news from the most popular sources around the globe.

News Headlines is a tool, developed for macOS systems, that gathers the latest news from most popular sources and outputs them, categorized, in a stylish visual interface. The app is very useful for those who want to read the news that interests them, from the sources they trust, based on categories, topics, and authors.

Visually, the application has a decent GUI, with a few basic configuration options, and simple but responsive menu buttons. The menu icons look a bit blurry and could've been better crafted. The app consumes a low amount of resources, so it doesn't require a powerful end system.

Its functionalities include a wide range of news categories, auto-refresh intervals for the latest news and access to past articles. Additionally, the app supports over 70 different languages and users can select news providers from over 51 distinct countries. Also, if you log in to your Google account you receive your preferred news.

Taking everything into account, News Headlines is a cheap and cool utility to use if you want to personalize your information sources. It's stable and doesn't have any major flaws.

John Saunders
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  • Supports over 70 different languages
  • Provides news support for over 51 countries
  • Has auto-refresh intervals


  • Comes with very few configuration options
  • Has blurry menu icons
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