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Automate custom Mac theme creation and switching.
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Develop designs for Mac environments based on different locations you go to with your laptop. Automatically switch between interface themes, wallpapers, and other effects when connecting to the local Wi-Fi network. Manage and configure multiple theme profiles.

NetworkLocation is an excellent app that can change settings based on your location. It can detect your current location and carry out a set of actions whenever you change locations. By default, there are three locations: Coffee Shop, Home, and Office. For each one of those locations, you can add different sets of actions. For example, you can open an application or an Apple script, close an application, open a URL, run a command in Terminal, change the frequency with which Mail checks for e-mails, etc. These are all Application actions. Where it gets really interesting is when you start playing with the System actions. These are far more useful, especially if you travel a lot. With those, you can change the default printer, wallpaper, screen brightness, screensaver, location and volume. There is also a nice option that changes the system time zone based on your location.

Of course, this app is only useful if it can successfully detect your location. In my case, I wasn't able to work that out, and I got a message saying my geographical location couldn't be determined. Still, I was able to manually select my location.

All in all, this is a great way of changing settings automatically or manually (but easily) based on your physical location.

JF Senior editor
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  • It works well
  • It can change lots of settings based on location
  • Easy to set up


  • Automatic location didn't work for me, but maybe that's my ISP's fault



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