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Turn your Mac into a HD wireless video camera!
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Turn your Mac into a HD wireless video camera! Watch your camera over the internet from anywhere!
Even though you already have a Mac with gorgeous iSight camera, are you considering buying an expensive CCTV for your home due to low quality monitoring apps? Do you want to watch a place on your Mac using your iPhone/iPad/iPod?
Here we proudly present an easy to use network camera solution with high quality video.
Network Camera HD turns your Mac into HD remote cameras and viewers. Once the application is installed, your iSight camera can be securely accessed by multiple viewers so you can share the video stream with your family or friends. You can also watch the video on mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod using the application.
You can even watch the camera on iPhone/iPad/iPod using the application. Simply install Network Camera HD on your mobile device and connect to the device using the 8-digit-long PIN code. As the application provides an extremely easy way to connect each other, you can access the camera from your Mac within a blink of an eye.
Using Network Camera HD, you can remotely watch the place of your concern such as the cradle in which your baby is sleeping while you are in kitchen doing the dishes.
You can see the sample usage videos of Network Camera HD at

* Main feature:
- High quality video support
- Loud audio detection and notification (for detecting baby’s crying or something crashing)
- Multiple viewer support (currently, up to 4)
- One-two step easy connection setup between a camera and viewers
- Secure access control with the passcode.
- Access to camera over internet
- Multiple platform support

If you have any suggestions or comments, please send e-mail to [email protected]

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