Napkin - Concise Image Annotation and Communication 1.5

Enable and control visual communication on a Mac.
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Access and organize visual materials in your system. Check out the options for creating and customizing notes and diagrams for storage, editing, sharing, updating, removal, etc. Build images with precisely located elements for design, presentation, etc.

Napkin is the ultimate tool for concise visual communication. Painlessly create visual notes and diagrams and share the results quickly.
Use Napkin when you need to create an image that makes your point crystal clear. Designers, product managers, software developers, artists, photographers, bloggers, journalists and anyone who needs to annotate images will find Napkin makes their lives easier.
With Napkin, you have the perfect tool to create great-looking and content-rich images with an application that is easy to learn and low friction in use.
A few of the countless applications include:
• Call attention to a detail in a photo
• Comment on a graphic design
• Create a visual tutorial
• Markup a screenshot
• Sketch a quick diagram
• Create a visual specification
• Caption an image
• Annotate a map
• Report a bug
• Make an image for your blog
• Provide a visual aid for tech support
• Show a sequence of steps

No Tools Required
Napkin's unique scribbling interface makes it a breeze to quickly communicate your ideas without a cumbersome tool-based interface. Markup your images with text, shapes and arrows in seconds by just drawing or typing. Napkin gets out of your way, letting you construct your message in a natural and fluid process.

Get the Images You Need
Place and arrange any number of images on your napkin. Need a quick screenshot or still from your laptop camera? We have the features to quickly import the content you need.

Call-Out the Details
Napkin's innovative Call-Outs allow you to emphasize precise elements of images. Just focus the Call-Out on a portion of an image and it magnifies the content you want to highlight like magic.

Measure Precisely
Red Lines allow you to display precise pixel measurements in images. Prefect for commenting on graphic designs or detailing specifications to your colleagues.

Stay Discreet
Dying to share that message, but don't want to broadcast that account number? Napkin allows you to quickly redact areas of an image you need to keep private. Napkin can even automatically coverup faces in images to protect the innocent!

Dress It Up
Napkin excels at creating markup with zero friction. Our default styles look great and require no fussing about. Like to fiddle and finesse the look anyway? We still have you covered. Add decorative frames to images and text. Style your text with the rich type controls Mac users expect. Fill your shapes and arrows with any color from the rainbow. Use our textured background, or simply go with white or transparent as desired.

Share Everywhere
Napkin makes it a snap to share your creation with others. Mail, Messages, Twitter and Facebook are all supported. Our inventive File Pip in the toolbar makes creating an image file snapshot of your work as easy as drag and drop.
Need to host a web link to your image? Napkin can leverage your iCloud account to create a public URL using our service that you can share with everyone. No setup or additional accounts required!

Built for OS X Mountain Lion
Napkin supports all the great features of Mountain Lion — iCloud, Notification Center, Twitter and Facebook Sharing, Full Screen, Auto Save and more!

• Quickly and easily annotate images
• Create simple diagrams
• Place a variety of image file formats
• Take screenshots of windows or portions of your desktop
• Insert a still directly from your laptop camera
• Add shapes, text, arrows and red lines
• Bring attention to areas of interest with call-outs
• Redact sensitive portions of images before sharing
• Share your result using Mail, iCloud, Messages and more
• Export as an image for use in other applications
• Enjoy Retina display support
• Get your point across clearly and concisely

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