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Free A kid-friendly game that tests one's knowledge of musical intervals.
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Marek Ledvina
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Music Intervals is a game in which the player is given 60 seconds to identify the spacing of intervals, which are simultaneously played and presented as sheet notation, one after another, until an incorrect answer is made or time runs out. Either the treble or bass clef may be selected prior to play.

The game presents two modes, Train and Play. In Train mode, the correct answer is pointed out after a few seconds without response, and scores do not count towards any high score. In Play mode, there is a three-second countdown before play, and no indication is given of the correct answer, even if a player gets it wrong and thereby ends the game. In either mode, an incorrect answer ends things prematurely - somewhat inappropriately for Train mode. The game keeps a local and global high score for Play mode, and gives the local high score a rating that indicates its relative performance (e.g. Turtle for a very low high score).

Sam's Protip: Since the exercise can be reduced to identifying the amount of space between notes, it's possible to identify the intervals very quickly with practice. As fast as the world high score clocks in, at one-and-a-half per second? Maybe not...

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  • Smiley faces on the notes give the game personality
  • Playing can train a skill important to music theory


  • Ads for the developer are on constant display
  • Only one kind of note used
  • Incorrect answer does not prompt correction



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