Animals Coloring Book 2.0

An extraordinarily interesting and stimulating children's coloring book about animals that is designed to teach your child to paint and mix colors...
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Nikita Bedunkevich
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Animals Coloring Book is a beautiful coloring application for kids. The application includes several pages to paint with lots of cute animals such as ants, hippos, bugs, fish, and bears, to name but a few. The trial version offers just a few drawings, but you will find many more in the registered version.

With this program the kids can use the computer safely because it runs in full screen and they have no access to your computer. There are multiple colors to paint, and there's even a palette where kids can blend colors. To paint, they just have to select the color by clicking on it with the brush and then click again on the part they wish to paint. If you wish to start again with a drawing, you just have to click on the "Clear" button. The program includes sound effects, and even music. Unfortunately, the drawings cannot be saved or printed, which is really a shame.

In short, if you are looking for a nice coloring application to keep your kids occupied for a while, Animals Coloring Book may be a nice choice.

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  • Lots of pages
  • Cute animals
  • It has music and sounds effects
  • Safe environment for kids


  • No saving or printing capabilities



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