Multimon - Multiple menu bars and monitor management 2.90

Enables multi-monitor work on Macs and controls it.
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By Aaron Ng
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Establish a multi-monitor setup on your Mac. Check the available display devices and enable or disable system access to them. Customize the desktop visualization across multiple screens, assign menu bars, and resize windows for quick switching between monitors.

Multimon is the perfect solution for dealing with a multiple-monitor setup on your Mac.
- Multiple menu bars on any number of screens.
- Remember and restore window locations across multiple monitors.
- Advanced window management for quickly dealing with multiple windows.
- Automatic window resizing for monitors of different sizes.
- Customizable hotkeys for quick management of your monitors.
- Auto-hidable menu bars.
- Retina ready.
Looking to increase your productivity? Some studies claim that dual monitors can increase your productivity by 50%! That's just science though, it's sooo 2020.
What we can tell you: Multimon will make working with a multiple-monitor setup on your Mac a breeze. From menu bars on any monitor you choose, all the way to remembering which monitors use which windows.
Not sure what you'd do with more than one monitor? Here are some ideas:
- Essays, research, etc.
- Open your document on one side and read while you take notes or type out that next essay for class.
- Reference Images
- Are you an artist? Have your reference images open in one monitor while you work in another. Get all the visual information you need at a glance without any extra work.
- Gaming
- Hey, even the best gamers need some help sometimes (we won't tell). If you're ever stuck, having a second monitor for walkthroughs or guides is the perfect way to get through that last level and brag about it online; all without leaving the game!
No matter how you work, Multimon is here to make your second, third and fourth monitor more productive.
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