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Multilingual Labs is an educational app designed for Mac.
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Multilingual Labs is a Mac program designed for people who are trying to learn basic English words. This application is suitable for elementary school students as well since it provides various activities that teach grammar and vocabulary concepts and put their knowledge to the test.

The free version of this utility brings you a limited amount of activities. You will need to drag-and-drop items to their correspondent image representation, listen to words and enter them, match pictures with terms, etc. The application keeps track of your progress and provides you with statistics based on your answers.

An advantage is the fact that the program also provides you with the correct audio pronunciation for all words from the activities.

Personally, I think this application does an incredible job when it comes to teaching pupils how to spell and write English words. Plus, the graphics are colorful and nicely-painted, an aspect which makes this program a fun yet educational solution for children in elementary school.

With that being said, you should definitely give Multilingual Labs a try, especially since it comes with a very reasonable price and is very simple to use.

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  • Simple, nicely-designed interface
  • Plays the correct pronunciation of various words
  • Keeps track of your progress
  • You can choose from various types of activities


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