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WordSecretary - The ultimative dictionary application.
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WordSecretary - The ultimative dictionary application.
WordSecretary is an electronic dictionary.

The program contains the following functions:

Fault-tolerant user interface
The user doesn't have to know the correct spelling of a word to find it.
Spelling mistakes are ignored. In most cases it is sufficient to type the word like it is spoken. For example the search for "fylosofi" is instantly directing to the correct spelling "philosophy".

Comprehensive result list
WordSecretary lists the part of speech, the base form, pontential contexts, synonyms, possible continuations and similar sounding vocables for a found word.
When a word isn't found, it displays suggestions for the right spelling and possible continuations of a word fragment.

Online search
With just one mouse click WordSecretary searches several online services and search engines for more information.

Voluminous sources
WordSecretary has a build in database with 160.000 words (German version: 150.000 words), supplemented by the system dictionary (Mac OS X only). If an internet connection is available WordSecretary utilizes the WordNet online service in addition.

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