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Free From MRIcron's window you can select Window/Render to view a volume rendering.
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You can get a similar view by launching the software, choosing File/OpenTemplates/ch2bet to load the background image (shown as a grayscale brain) and then choosing Overlay/Add and opening the image \Template\attention. The controls on the tool bar offer quick access to the main tools for brain imaging. The X/Y/Z numbers set the slice to view (X refers to Left/Right, Y to anterior/posterior and Z to superior/inferior). Alternatively, you could choose x1 (100%), x2 (200%) or x3 (300%) zoom factors. The next series of buttons refer to the active layer (more on layers in the next section). In the example below, the currently active layer is image 'attention', and this image is being shown as a red gradient with a minimum value of 1.96 to 4. In this example, attention is a statistical Z-score map that has been placed on top of the background image of a brain. Statistical values less than 1.96 are not shown, with the darkest value set to 4.Adjusting these values will change the sagittal, coronal and axial slice displayed. The next item is the zoom-factor.

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