MP3Resizer 1.51

This program helps you resize MP3 files on your Mac.
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This utility is exactly what its name implies: a program that helps you resize your MP3 files. The application might prove to be of good use if you wish to share a large MP3 file via email as it helps you reduce the size of the audio file within moments.

Its interface is intuitive, so you don't need much computer experience in order to handle it on your Mac. All you need to do is import the files, choose the proper bit rate value from the right side of the screen, and click the Start button. The application will immediately export the resized MP3 files without slowing down your computer.

An advantage is the fact that the utility displays the amount of space you can save by compressing the input file. You can change the bit rate values and see how the resulted size alters.

Usually, changing the bit rate value of an MP3 file might cause some quality loss. Personally, I didn't notice much difference between the input file and the resulted MP3. I changed the bit rate of a file from 128 to 96 KBPS.

However, I'd suggest you to select a minimum bit rate of 128 KBPS if you wish to play the final MP3 file on a mobile phone or a tablet. This value is often referred to as being CD quality.

To conclude, this program proves to be a smart addition to your collection of Mac apps. It helps you reclaim space on your hard drives and immediately resizes any MP3 file from your local directories. Plus, it's affordable.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Output bitrate selection
  • Accurate compression
  • Supports batch processing
  • Fast processing speed
  • Supports drag-and-drop action
  • Tells you how much space you can reclaim before launching the resizing process


  • No additional audio configuration options


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