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Facilitates collaborative work by allowing communications and file sharing.
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Moxtra is intended to facilitate collaborative work. Although there is web client that gives you access to the services provided, it is excellent that there is also a desktop client packing a chat and file sharing features into a single application.

An important concept in Moxtra is that of binders, which act as containers for your different projects. They hold various types of contents, such as files, to-do lists and conversations. Moreover, you can create categories as an extra level of organization.

There are other ways to keep track of your projects. In this regard, there is a timeline that keeps a log of all your activities. Luckily, everything you do, like conversations, tasks and annotations are logged automatically so that you can check upon them at a later time. Likewise, you can go to the Highlights tab to filter those messages that mention your name. The tab labeled Meet, in turn, works as a calendar allowing to schedule meetings.

Moxtra supports various types of synchronous and asynchronous communication means. Thus, you can use it for sending messages. However, it is much powerful in terms of allowing video conferencing, which you can record to review later.

Moxtra services can be integrated with others. For instance, you can use your regular email account. Likewise, you can store your files on Cloud services such as Dropbox, GitHub, JIRA, QuickBooks, Zendesk and Zoho.

All in all, Moxtra lets you work together with other members of your team by supporting collaborative activities, like virtual meetings and discussions, as well as sharing different types of data on the Cloud. Fortunately, it supports working on different devices and operating systems, so there are no limitations in this respect. On the downside, the application uses too many resources so it could make your system somewhat laggy at times.

The tool is free, but the services are available in three different plans, Basic, Premium and Advanced. Luckily, the Basic plan is available at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various ways to organize your work
  • Keeps a log of all your activities
  • Records video conferences
  • Integrates with other communication and file-sharing services
  • Built-in calendar


  • May demand too many system resources
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