MovieDesktop 2.0

Replace Mac wallpapers with custom videos.
Add customizable video clips to the desktop of your Mac instead of a wallpaper. Select a folder with files intended for playback and choose one or several of them, then configure the playback settings and automatically place it to the desktop behind the icons and menus.

Do you want a dynamic desktop wallpaper? Great! Starting now, it’s no longer a problem with MovieDesktop!
Do you spend the entire day at your PC for work, study, or just for fun and you're sick and tired of those boring and predictable wallpapers? This is the right app for you. From now on it will be a pleasure to be at your PC and watch all the videos you want directly from your desktop wallpaper!
With MovieDesktop you can upload all kinds of videos, of any length, all with a simple play!
Just think at how original it can be to upload a fun video of your friends, and the joy it brings every time you see it on your desktop! Or make a video with your family and the little ones and be able to see them when you're away at work each time you pass by your desktop.
With just a bit of imagination you can truly create a unique wallpaper!
There’s nothing left other than to wish you lots of fun with MovieDesktop!

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