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Free Most Addictive Game is a casual and very addicting game.
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Charles Jamerlan
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Most Addictive Game is a casual and very addicting game. When I read the name of this game, I thought "this game can't be that addicting". Well, I was wrong. In this game, you have to click on the red square and drag it around to prevent the other blue boxes from touching it. The blue boxes start moving very slowly, especially in the easier difficulty setting, but as you play, they start moving faster and faster. They bounce off the walls and change direction very fast. If your red square touches the edges of the screen or any of the boxes, the game will be over. It might not sound like much, but the game is very addictive. Your score will be the seconds that you managed to play without losing. I was able to go for a bit over 20 seconds in 10 or so tries, but I wanted to keep playing after that. When I tried the "wow" difficulty setting, I struggled to make it past 1 second. Everything moves so fast that you just can't calculate. Well, at least, I couldn't.

All in all, this is a very light game that you can keep on your Mac for cases when you just need to kill some time. It is very well done and fun.

JF Senior editor
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The game itself is too simple. There is nothing special in it.

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