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All your beloved recipes in one beautifully crafted place.
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Michael Göbel

All your beloved recipes in one beautifully crafted place.
Completely searchable.
Easily sharable.
With Recipes you can store unlimited recipes in unlimited groups.
You can search thru all recipes and for any content
- no matter if it is an ingredient, the kind of recipe or your notes.
Recipes also remembers your last searches
- thus all your recipes (e.g.) containing noodles are just one simple click away.
With just one click you can also directly and easily:
· print out the current recipe
· print out the complete group
· print out the complete library of all your recipes
· share your recipes by email
· share your recipes on Twitter
· share your recipes on Facebook
· publish them, so that everyone can see, use, download and share them
· publish them, to access them from any mobile device - regardless of kind and system
· import recipes from other Apps like MacGourmet, YummySoup or Paprika
Of course, sharing and printing is nice - but in the end it is all about cooking.
Thus recipes has a built in fullscreen cook view and is completely operable by gestures…
Because Recipes is already iCloud enabled
- you can access your recipes from any Mac, everywhere, anytime.
Yes, that's why I am already finishing up the iPad companion App.
Of course, an iPhone version will also follow…

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