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Pantry shows food and other items you have in your house.
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Pantry is a great food organizer that allows you to get aware how much food and other home products you have in your house and what you should buy next time you go to the supermarket. The program allows you to add food and other items under different categories, including packaged food, personal care products, pet products, dairy, beverages, and canned food, to name but a few.

Every category also offers a list of possible items but you can add your own one as well. For every item you add, you can select the number you have, the average price, if you run out of it, the stores where you can get it, etc. If you mark an item as "running low", that item will be automatically added to the shopping list. The shopping list can be searched by category or by store and it can be printed. If you add average prices for the items, it will even calculate how much you will spend on those products you have to buy. Moreover, the program can be synced with your iphone, but first you will have to buy the program in the AppStore. The program is intuitive, easy to use and attractive.

All in all, with Pantry you will never have to create shopping lists, since you will have everything organized in one place and you will never forget to buy an item that you need.

Silvana Mansilla
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