Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0

Have your docs and notes synced between your iPhone and Mac.
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Modify a file on your iPhone and sync the changes on your Mac. Synchronize your notes, documents, and to-do lists across your iPhone, Mac, and Windows computer. Open, browse, and sort iPhone voicemail, text messages, voice memos and calls on your Mac. Transfer contacts, messages, etc. from your old phone to iPhone.

Missing Sync for iPhone allows you to edit a note on your iPhone and synchronize the edits on your Mac. Complete a task on your Mac and that task is marked complete on your computer. Create a file and it can be transferred automatically to your iPhone. The Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0 recognizes changes and synchronizes them between your computer and your iPhone.
The Missing Sync for iPhone works hand-in-hand with the iPhone apps, Fliq Notes, Fliq Docs and Fliq Tasks to sync your notes, documents and todos and keeps them the same between your iPhone or iPod touch and Mac. And soon, Windows PC too.
Transfer and save iPhone voicemail, text messages, voice memos and recent call history to your Mac where they can be viewed or played, searched and sorted.
Create ringtones from your favorite tunes. (Music protected by DRM cannot be used as a ringtone.) FEATURES
Sync Notes
Notes are synchronized with Entourage, Yojimbo and Mark/Space Notebook.
Sync Documents
Files you take with you are updated to your iPhone in Fliq Docs.
Sync Tasks
Take your todos with you. iCal and Fliq Tasks are always in sync.
Save Voicemail Messages to the Mac
Transfer iPhone voice messages to Mark/Space Notebook to save and listen to them on your Mac.
Transfer Voice Memos
Bring Voice Memos you record on your iPhone to your Mac. Keep them alongside your text notes in Mark/Space Notebook.
Archive Text Messages
Backup your text messages to your Mac.
Archive Call History
Copy your call history to your Mac where you can search and sort it.
Migration Assistant
Transfer contacts and more from your old smartphone to iPhone.*


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