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Minerva IRC 1.3

Minerva is a client for Internet Relay Chat.
1.3 (See all)
ChiperSoft Systems

Minerva is a client for Internet Relay Chat. Minerva IRC isn't the client to end all clients, it isn't a file sharing mogul. Minerva is a simple, yet powerful, client for efficient and flexible chatting on an IRC network. Some of Minerva's highlights are: Compact interface - Have all your channels in one window, or one window for every channel. Custom command aliases - Create your own command shortcuts using the built in command alias system Custom contextual menus - Define what you want on your userlist menu Active Nickname Autocomplete - Start typing a nick and minerva will offer the closest match. Custom definable message formats - Everyone likes their channel text formatted differently. Minerva lets you decide Text / HTML Channel Logging - Why should your logs be less formatted then your output?Individual channel settings - Every channel remembers it's own settings, so when you come back the next day the window opens right where you left off URL Tracker - Need a URL that someone said an hour ago? Don't scroll up, just look in the tracker. iChat Style Buddylist - Floating window that shows all your buddies on all connected networks.
What's new in this version:
Added /dns command to do a quick server name lookup Fixed problem with sending messages to recognized users via query windows Added Connections menu item to preferences button on the main taskbar. Removed the Connections button from the main taskbar Improved speed of userlist sorting Fixed a crash that occurred when userhost information is received. Double clicking a hostmask or nickname in the Friend Recognition dial...

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