MidiSwing 0.3

MidiSwing can communicate with midi devices such as keyboards or sound modules.
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Pascal Naidon

MidiSwing can communicate with external midi devices such as keyboards or sound modules. You can record notes you play on a keyboard, as well as the hold pedal pressure and the pitch-bend wheel
MidiSwing can play any midi file, using a Java Soundbank (included in the application) or any SF2 or DLS sound font. You can also play the music on an external sound module.
You can choose the instrument for each midi channel among the 128 General Midi Instruments, or even more with sound fonts.
You can compose a melody for each track by clicking on the keys of a keyboard. In turn, the keys light up when you play or scrub through a midi file, or when you play on an external keyboard. Very convenient if you want to learn how to play a tune from a midi file!
You can adjust different parameters such as tempo, volume, stereo (pan position), reverberation, and pitch bend.
You can see the list of midi events contained in your midi file. MidiSwing cannot let you modify them in this list yet.

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