MidiEcho 1.0

Small, lightweight app that runs in the menu bar.
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John Nastos

MIDIEcho is a small, lightweight app that runs in the menu bar. It listens to connected MIDI devices and echos the MIDI input from the device through the General MIDI synthesizer in Mac OSX.
Instead of having the launch GarageBand or Finale to get sound out of your MIDI controller, MIDIEcho can be set up to start running when you log in and always be available to bring your keyboard to life. No more waiting for GarageBand to launch when you just wanted to figure out that lick that you heard from the song on YouTube or in iTunes.
MIDIEcho can be easily taught to listen for other apps that may echo MIDI input and turn itself off automatically when those applications are launched.
MIDIEcho can also:
- Listen on all or only to certain channels
- Send patch change information
- Send an "All notes off" command to the General MIDI synth
- Remember which connected MIDI device you want to listen to and easily switch to another device when you want to change.

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