Miana 1.2

This utility lets you change the creation and modification dates of your files.
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By Limit Point Software

Miana is a very simple utility that lets you change the creation and modification dates of your files. The app functions as a drop zone, and you can drop files both in the window itself or on the dock icon. Before starting the application, it would be a good idea to check the Preferences window to set up the application. By default, the app will change the modification and creation dates to the date and time when you launched the application. It will process both files and containers. You can change the time and date to any value that you want, and the app can also always use the current time. Some extra options include the ability to change the year only and to bump time forward or backwards. Miana can also be configured to only change the modification or creation time and to only process files or containers.

This utility can also be used with pictures, which use EXIF metadata to tell the user when an image was digitized. By setting the "Date to set" value to EXIF Date Time Digitized", Miana will change the time of that value to the time and date that you chose in the Preferences window.

In my testing, I was able to process both individual files as well as folders filled with files without any problems. The process was almost instantaneous, even when processing hundreds of files at the same time.

José Fernández
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