MenuBar Stats

MenuBar Stats 3.5

Monitors your system and signals what does not function well.

MenuBar Stats is a system monitoring application that keeps you informed about your Mac's health. This way, you have a clear and concise view of your system's major components so you can know at any moment how to act if something doesn't work properly.

The program installs by default in the menu bar, yet you can switch from Preferences to Dock mode if you find it more convenient. The tool organizes the most relevant system information into clearly-defined modules, including Network, Memory, Disk, CPU, Temperature, Fans, Bluetooth, GPU, and Battery. Their appearances are highly customizable. Therefore, you can add all modules to the menu bar or just the ones that you're most interested in. Viewing the modules can be done either individually, in separated-window mode or combined in a scroll-like window. Most modules support setting notification alerts so you can acknowledge the malfunction and solve the problem in due time. In addition, you can set custom shortcuts to call your modules faster and with a minimum of effort.

MenuBar Stats isn't a system repairing or optimization tool. It just keeps an eye on your system and signals what doesn't function well.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Offers a concise view on system major components
  • Displays highly customizable system info
  • Notifies you with alerts to fix system problems


  • Lacks any system repairing ability
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