Memeo LifeAgent

Memeo LifeAgent 2.5

Find, monitor and back up documents and files.
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Protect and copy sensitive information or valuable data by creating backups and quickly identifying relevant files. Select the element and generate an encrypted copy to store on a local drive, transfer via a local network, copy onto removable media, iPod, Mac iDisk, and Flickr, etc.

Memeo LifeAgent protects your valuable and sentimental documents. With Memeo LifeAgent, you can choose what files and folders to back up. Store different types of files in different places (destinations), and back up one file in several places for added convenience and protection.

You can preserve your files in various locations according to their value and purpose. With Memeo LifeAgent, you can choose to back up items to any folder on any computer on your network, an external hard drive, a removable storage device, or a server on the Internet.

Whenever you create or save changes to a file, Memeo LifeAgent automatically backs it up. Memeo LifeAgent keeps as many versions of the file as you choose, so you can revert to a previous version of the file or see how a file has changed over time.

When you first configure Memeo LifeAgent, all the files you specified are backed up. After that, Memeo LifeAgent backs up your files only when they change or when new files that fit your backup plans are created.

If the backup destination is unavailable (for instance, if you have removed a USB drive you are backing up to), Memeo LifeAgent keeps a list of files that are pending backup, and Memeo LifeAgent backs them up as soon as the destination becomes available.

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