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MediaInfo is a system utility that lets you analyse your audio and video files.
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MediaInfo is a system utility that lets you analyze your audio and video files and display important information about them, such as technical and tag data. It is an open-source project and you can download it directly from the developer's Source Forge page or from the Mac App Store, but MAP version costs $0.99.

With MediaInfo, you can open one file at a time, or select a directory with multiple files in it. Right after you load your file or directory, the application will start analyzing the files and it will display information about them in the main window. The data will be divided in different groups: general, video, audio, or text. The General information contains the date of encode, the number of streams your file was encoded with, the application that encoded the file, size of the file, and duration. Then, in Video and Audio, you will see a breakdown of those streams, including bitrate, resolution, aspect ratio, format, channels, etc. If you load a directory full of files, you will be able to select them from a drop-down menu at the top to see information about them. It would be great, though, if you could open more than a single instance of the application to compare reports side to side.

In conclusion, MediaInfo is a great tool to have if you deal with video conversion or if you are curious about the technical data of your files.

José Fernández
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  • Fast
  • It can load entire folders with files
  • Thorough reports


  • It would be great if you could open more than 1 instance of the app
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