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Measure routes, areas, and shapes on your desktop.

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Meander is a Mac application designed for measuring distances, shapes, and areas on your desktop. This program might come in handy when planning a road trip and wish to know exactly how many kilometers you have to drive until you reach your destination point.

The utility is very simple to use. In my testing, I launched the Maps application (default Mac OS X app for managing world maps) and placed Meander's main window on top of it. Then, I used my mouse to indicate the route and selected the measuring unit. Meander immediately displayed the distance on the upper side of its interface.

Another great aspect is that you can print the routes or shapes you draw.

Still, the program is quite plain if you ask me. There are countless online solutions, like Google Maps service, that provide you with a quicker way to calculate distances as well as travel time, without the need to install a third-party application on your Mac.

With that being said, I don't thing it's worth installing this app on your computer. You can find better solutions online, without paying a buck or installing third-party tools on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Immediately calculates distances
  • Supports various measuring units
  • Allows you to print the routes or shapes you draw


  • You can find better solutions online
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