McStitch LE is the standard tool for doing every kind of embroidery job.
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McStitch LE is the standard tool for doing every kind of embroidery job. Tested in the daily business McStitch LE had been build by professionals for professionals. Let yourself be tempted by the powerful tools which are very simple to learn and use. Administration:
- File management with coloured preview
- Shows all embroidery files including number of stitches, colours, size, customer, date and type
- Search and filter routine: find embroideries using different criteria;
- Reads and writes following embroidery disk formats: Fortron, Zangs/Marco, ZSK, Barudan, Tajima, Melco, Pfaff, Toyota
- Direct connection with serial interface to: Toyota, Fortron, Barudan. Runtime calculation takes different machine types into account
- Thread usage calculation with adjustable variables
- Coloured output to printer and plotter up to DIN A 0
- Specifications for up to 7 application data
- Export of file data into textfile
- Direct processing of embroidery files from administration enviroment
- Integrated font editor = generate and edit your own embroidery fonts
- Type generator: Single line and multiple lines
- Freely scalable, kerning, justify left, justify center, justify right
- Following pathline, Left-right skewed, Mirrored, Rotated, Character spacing, line height and character width adjustable
- Multicolour fonts
- Use warping functions, brigde, arc and circle text
- Free adjustable in live view on screen
- Fonts: (20 special embroidery Fonts included) Selectable from the following: Arabian, Avant Garde, Bauhaus, Brush, Carneval, Cassanova, Childsplay, Comic, Courier, Formula, Frutiger, Helvetica, Hobby, Honda, Kaufmann Bold, Lolly, Lubalin Graph, Mandarin, Marjohnett, Machine, Mini 6 Platt, New York, Panda, Old English, Quartz, Quest, Revue, Rounded Block, Saddel, Script, Serifenschrift, Shelley, Sports Block, Sports Script, Sports Outline, Stencil, Tour light, Western Style, Zürich Calligraf
- Satinstitch width and density freely adjustable
- Single and double underlay stitches, straight and zigzag
- Runningstitch types
- You can create types directly in the punching area

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