MConvert 9.0

MConvert is a very useful unit conversion utility.

MConvert is a very useful unit conversion utility. In all, twenty-seven conversion groups are supported, including acceleration, angle, area, base, fuel consumption, currency, data storage, temperature, and time. The application consists of a single window. There is a drop-down menu at the top from where you can select the type of units that you want to convert. When you select one, the window will change to accommodate all the different units.

To start the conversion, you simply need to enter some data first. In the case of Currencies, for example, you can type a number of US dollars and click on "Calculate" or press the Enter key. The full list of currencies will then be populated by the appropriate conversions.

Most of the conversions that this application did during my time with it were great, but I think the currency values are a bit outdated. Some of the currencies had values from several months ago, which is really unacceptable.

So, in conclusion, MConvert is a useful app, and it can convert many different types of units. However, the fact that it isn't free and that it doesn't seem to be up to date when it comes to currencies doesn't help me justify purchasing it; especially when Google can do all of this for free from any web browser.

José Fernández
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  • Many different groups of units can be converted
  • Quick


  • Outdated currency values
  • Google can calculate the same units for free
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