MathStudio 8.0

Computational program helps you perform algebra, calculus, regression analysis, and more.

Today's students, educators and professionals work from a multitude of devices. Having access to powerful math software from any location and device is essential.
MathStudio brings unprecedented computational power to your web browser, mobile device and computer. From building simple algorithms to creating interactive plots and animations, MathStudio bridges the gap between technology and your imagination.
Develop your ideas to their fullest extent with MathStudio's expressive scripting language. Research and development in the scientific, engineering, mathematical and computing fields almost always involves the need for a scripting language to take your results one step further.
What's new in this version:
- New and redesigned interface
- Zoom in and out of plots
- Search is now at the top of each file.
- Options is now Preferences and is accessed from the main menu.
- The help tab is now accessed from Examples in the main menu.
- New export options for scripts. Export multiple files to a single scripts file and export your scripts directly to the include and startup folders using a single menu command.
- New Merge Files menu option to co...

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