Make Your Photos Instaish

Make Your Photos Instaish 2.36

It teaches you how to transform your pictures into stunning photographs.
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Make Your Photos Instaish is a teaching tool developed for Mac users who wish to learn how to turn their pictures into stunning works of art. The application gives you access to a lot of study material, is simple to handle, and comes without a price.

The learning material consists of multiple lessons which are nicely organized based on their topics. For example, it teaches you the importance of the light in your photographs, how to take stunning portrait pictures, edit your images to get the best from your photos, and much more. All in all, the app proves to be quite helpful for beginners.

This utility also provides you with several sample images, Instagram tips, and rules from basics to professional nuances. Furthermore, it plays a fitting background music which you can always disable and has a very intuitive interface.

Still, two things bother me about this program: it occasionally runs slow and can be used only in fullscreen mode.

In conclusion, the application provides you with a free solution for learning the main concepts in photography without attending special courses. Hence, it's worth giving it a try on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Plays a fitting background music
  • Provides you with plenty of useful information
  • Free


  • Occasionally runs slow
  • Unable to change window resolution
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