Major Mayhem 1.0

Major Mayhem is a gleefully tongue-in-cheek rail shooter.
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Major Mayhem is a gleefully tongue-in-cheek rail shooter and action game. It features a customizable weapon-wielding commando on a mission to save the world and his girlfriend from the clutches of evil ninjas and such. In-app purchases are available, but there are no premium items: the purchases simply bypass an amount that could be earned through regular play.

There are enough in-game achievements, unlockables and game modes to keep most players entertained for a very long time. There's nothing extraordinarily innovative about the game - except that the tried-and-true gameplay is executed extraordinarily well. As just one sign of how the developers seem to have thought of every scenario that might impede a player's enjoyment, the game will detect low frame rates (jerky movement due to exceeding your computer's performance capacity) and ask right there if you'd like to fix the graphics quality. I can think of so many games that could have used this feature, and almost no other games that did.

Sam's protip: always keep an eye out for the appearance of the text "Rescue" in the center of the screen. The next target you see may well be a hostage! (And there is an achievement for saving a hundred in a row!)

SL Senior editor
Sam Lloyd
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  • A ton of shoot-em-up fun, for novice and expert alike, without the gore
  • No irritating premium currency to grapple with


  • No longer free to download



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