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MagicanFile is a free file browser and manager for the Mac.
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Magican Software Ltd.

MagicanFile is a free file browser and manager for the Mac. It has pretty much all the functionality that you get from Finder, with the addition of "cut" support and a good file finder. If those two features are really something you need, then MagicanFile will work for you. If you don't care about those features, you are better off staying with Finder.

MagicanFile's interface looks good. It has a very simple and basic look to it. The only thing that I don't like is the Magican logo on the top-right part of the screen. There is an address bar that tells you where you are and can click on any folder from the address to go there. If you click on the address bar, you can type, like you would on Windows. Below the address bar there is a toolbar with thirteen buttons. These let you change the view mode from list to icons, to copy, cut, paste and delete files. You can also bypass the trash completely when you select a file and click on the "X" button. Also you can access the Quick Look feature and the file information dialog.

The file search window, called Quick search mode, lets you search for files on your system with an array of different options. I played with it for a bit and it seemed to work very well.

José Fernández
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  • Simple interface
  • Cut support


  • It felt slow
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