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Free MacMAMEinfoX is a graphical front-end for M.A.M.E.
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MacMAMEinfoX is a graphical front-end for M.A.M.E (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). It was designed to provide a better graphical interface to that provided by the available MAME emulators for Mac: MacMAME and SDLMAME. It works with both of those emulators, and the configurations are different.

Basically, what this front-end does is display information generated by the MAME emulators in a neat and organized way. MacMAMEinfoX will display a list of your ROM images and you can see information about them like manufacturer, release year and location of the source file. There is a search-feature built right into the app and it becomes quite handy when your ROM list is big. I remember collecting MAME ROMs when I was a Windows user, and I thought MAME did a great job of displaying information and letting me organize my games. MacMAME, on the other hand, wasn't as good. This app isn't as great as the Windows version of MAME, but I don't completely dislike it.

Once you have configured this app, it does work well. But configuration can be messy, especially if you have never used MacMAME or SDLMAME. Thankfully, the developer included a very thorough "Getting Started" guide that explains the process in detail.

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José Fernández
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  • An improvement over MacMAME


  • Not the easiest app to configure
  • Still not as good as MAME for Windows



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