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MacAppStuff Blank lets you wipe free space on your Mac (See all)
By Jonathan Clark

MacAppStuff Blank lets you wipe free space on your Mac. In this case, wiping refers to securely deleting data so that no files can be recovered by file forensic applications. In short, when you delete a file, the space that was being used by it is simply marked as "free", thus other apps can recover the files. What this application does is write junk data on the part of your hard drive or USB drive where files were previously located so that no deleted file can be recovered.

MacAppStuff Blank's main window lists all the connected drives, along with their size and free space. There is some text that explains how the app works and why it is important to wipe your unused (or free) drive space.

From the Preferences window, you can customize the wiping process. The app allows you to use up to 35 passes, which means that data will be written over 35 times. The trial version of this app only lets you use 1 pass. In most cases a couple of passes will prevent data from being restored.

All in all, this app works well and it has a nice interface. The full version, with its 35 passes, is a nice way of keeping your data secure after deletion.

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