Mac App Blocker

Mac App Blocker 2.5

With Mac App Blocker, you can password-protect EACH application on your Mac.
3.2.1 (See all)

With Mac App Blocker, you can password-protect EACH application on your Mac. It keeps your apps and your Mac safe from the many silent but deadly threats out there. Set a timeout value to automatically exit the protected application so even when you leave your computer unattended, you're still protected. Keep it Secure - you pick which apps will be protected and Mac App Blocker keeps them secure. You'll know the date, time, AND have a photo of the person who tried to access your protected apps. Mac App Blocker does NOT modify any system or application files on your Mac. Set a timeout value and your application will exit automatically after the selected time period has elapsed. Add System Preferences to the Mac App Blocker list and feel confident that your settings are protected from accidental (or intentional) misuse. Mail, Safari, Firefox, your favorite journaling application, iPhoto and any other application you use - will be protected. Whether it's protecting your privacy or your computer, with Mac App Blocker you feel confident allowing anyone to use your Mac - even when you're not there.
What's new in this version:
Minor bug fixes and Enhancements
Updated Interface - Refined UI to improve usability and presentation. Added larger failed history viewer with options to save images to disk.
Rules added - Rules are used to control how and when and app will launch.
Minimum Time Limit Rule - Specify the minimum amount of time between app launches (useful for procrastinators and parents)
Frequency Rule - Specify how often an app is allowed to launch (u...

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