Mac HelpMate 3.0

A set of applications for system diagnostics.
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Replace the standard diagnostics tools such as Timbuktu, eCare, etc. Gain access to a set of applications performing system scans and analysis, run SMART tests and check the results, clean system cache, remove junk data, view the readings of various hardware sensors, etc.

Mac HelpMate... If you're a Mac support professional or consultant, you need this application in your arsenal of troubleshooting tools. It can replace a whole bunch of expensive products, including Timbuktu, eCare, and many others...
Mac HelpMate contains powerful diagnostic features, such as the ability to run SMART (S.M.A.R.T) tests, check temperature and hardware sensors, inspected installed packages, repair permissions, clean caches, remove unecessary trash files, ASR multicast server, support for Growl notifications and much much more.
Mac HelpMate remains a free and useful program, but can be enhanced with a Mac HelpMate Professional account subscription that enables zero-configuration screen sharing. Its sister products, also currently included with a subscription are: Mac UserMate (Mac HelpMate with a simplified interface), Win HelpMate to control Windows Computers, and Auto HelpMate which allows a subscriber to initiate a screen sharing session from a Web page.
Many consultants have asked over the last year months about personalized copies of Mac HelpMate and Win HelpMate for their customers as well as the ability to initiate screen sharing with no one logged into the computer, and I'm happy to say it's now a reality - desktop control/screen sharing through firewalls with no extra router configuration. Help anyone, anywhere, even behind routers. The client, user or customer just downloads a subscriber's personalized copy, shares their screen, and in less than 45 seconds, they can control the remote computer.
In recent tests, Mac HelpMate easily handled remote control of a 30-inch Cinema Display over a DSL connection. To share or control a Mac there's nothing to install on the client machine outside of Mac HelpMate itself (you can even run it off of the Disk Image) and no admin password is required to initiate sharing or control. An account subscription is needed for the remote control/application and branding to work as well as the email alerts over an alternate SMTP port so that people who have ISPs that block port 25 can still alert you.


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