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Countdown Timer Plus 2.3

It informs you in real time about the remaining time on registered tasks.
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Countdown Timer Plus is a simple application that keeps you informed about the remaining time on registered tasks. Using this tool, the chances to miss important events are highly reduced – the brightly-colored stickers that appear on your desktop are meant to remind you about the time left until the task is outdated.

The program installs on the menu bar of your Mac so that you can access the utility with ease whenever you need it. You can launch the app manually when the situation requires it, or you can set it to open automatically at system's login. Adding new tasks or modifying existing ones is done easily. Each task supports being renamed and customized in terms of deadline, time appearance, countdown unit, and sticker's color. Optionally, you can choose to hide the countdown or show it on the menu bar. Unfortunately, the program doesn't notify you acoustically or visually when the time of a specific task is about to run out. You have the responsibility to monitor the timers and act accordingly so that you don't miss important events.

To some up, this program is designed to count down the time until the occurrence of certain events. Brightly-colored stickers make the application more attractive. However, with the free version of this tool, you can save only three tasks. For an unlimited number of tasks and different styles of countdowns you need to purchase the full version.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Brightly-colored stickers
  • You can choose your favorite countdown unit
  • The tasks can be renamed


  • No notification when the time of a specific task is about to run out
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