M_Random 1.0

Cryptographically strong random numbers for REAL Studio/REALbasic.
1.0 (See all)

M_Random is a REAL Studio/REALbasic module that will call the cryptographically strong native random number functions within each OS. In Mac OS and Linux, that's /dev/random. In Windows, it's RtlGenRandom. The module comes with a harness project that demonstrates its features, and the module itself is well commented.
These are the functions it implements:
RandomDouble RandomBoolean RandomInt8 RandomInt16 RandomInt32 RandomInt64 RandomUInt8 RandomUInt16 RandomUInt32 RandomUInt64 InRange( value1, value2 ) InRange_Int64( value1, value2 ) BetweenValues( value1, value2 ) alias for InRange BetweenValues_Int64( value1, value2 ) alias for InRange_Int64 LessThan( value ) LessThan_Int64( value ) ArrayInRange( cnt, value1, value2 ) ArrayInRange_Int64( cnt, value1, value2 ) RandomMemoryBlock( mbSize ) In addition, the module extends the native Random class with new methods:
Random.BetweenValues Like InRange, but values can be given in any order Random.SeedFromEntropy Same as using Random.Seed = M_Random.RandomUInt32

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