LoversClock 0.7

Allows you to see multiple digital clocks set to different time zones.
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Roman Schlegel

LoversClock is a simple application that allows you to add multiple digital clocks with different time zones to your menu bar. The clocks will only appear in the menu bar, but, unfortunately, the only way to distinguish the clocks is with an icon that you select in the preferences. However, the application only includes three icons, so if you have more than three clocks you won't know which is which. Even if you click on the clocks, the application won't tell you which timezone they refer to. The only way of knowing is by going to the preferences.

Regarding the customization options, it includes only a few and you will only be able to change the format, add or remove the AM/PM, and apply a fancy font, which is only a bit smaller than the regular one. As for the timezones, I noticed that not all of them are included, so you might want to see if the ones you need are there.

In short, I think LoversClock may be useful if you want to have two or three different clocks set to different time zones, but not more than that.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Simple and easy to use
  • You can add as many clocks as you want
  • Free


  • Only a few customization options
  • Only three icons to distinguish the different time zones
  • Not all timezones are included
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