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Hyperspaces is an application that allows you to duplicate your desktop.
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Hyperspaces is an ingenious application that allows you to duplicate your desktop, in order to streamline your workflow.
Hyperspaces was designed as an easy-to-use application, suitable for both the novice and advanced users. By using this tool, you will obtain multiple desktop copies that can be used with different applications. For example, the active windows from the first space will be hidden in the rest of your spaces, the windows from the second space will not be displayed in the rest of the sections and so on.

Besides windows, you will be able to select a different background image for every screen, different fonts and visual settings. The application stays minimized in the menu bar and in the dock, so, with a single click, after a quick preview of all windows, you can choose the one you're interested in. Alternatively, for an easier navigation, you can assign hotkeys.

With its automatic in-built updates downloader, Hyperspaces will always be up-to-date. In the demo mode, you are allowed to customize up to 3 spaces without restrictions.

Hyperspaces allows you to keep your computer clean and organized and it is recommended to the people who have to deal with a large number of tasks at a time.

Josephine Seaman
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