SampleDecks 3.0

Play and edit audio samples with up to 64 channels.
Work with samples of sounds, music tracks and vocal recordings in the suite supporting both editing and playback tools. Switch between different modules for on-the-fly modification and preview. Play files with up to 64 channels supported simultaneously.

SampleDecks is an all-purpose sample player like SoundBoard. With a few clicks you can allocate up to 64 channels with optional sounds in all current formats (e.g. MP3, AAC, WAV). You can play your samples either per mouse or per keyboard. You can configure SampleDecks, like you need it - you can allocate the Sample-Slots with a name, a picture or a color. SampleDecks can be used as a big fullscreen application or as a small inconspicuous tool. SampleDecks is the perfect Sample-Player for many occasions, like for example:
To play jingles for DJs, the radio & tv, theater, amusement park organizer, soccer stadium as an musical instrument (drum-Samples are included) as an mp3-player (play up to 64 of you favourite songs with one click!) Use the diversity and inspire your audience!

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