llink 2.3

A media streamer that lets you play movies, play music and more, over a network.
2.3.1 (See all)

Llink is a media streamer that lets you play movies, view online trailers, browse images or play music over a network using the http protocol. It should work with most Syabas NMT hardware (NetworkedMediaTank middleware based players), such as the Popcorn Hour A- and B-series, HDX, iSTAR, Egreat a whole range of others, possibly even a couple of older ones like the LinkTheater.
Some of the best reasons to run llink is that it can run on a great many platforms, including most popular NAS devices, even on the NMT player itself, and it can play media directly from RAR files. llink is also a UPNP MediaServer, sometimes called DNLA/UPNP, and is able to 'talk' to many UPNP devices.

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