LensFlares 3.0

Add optical effects to photographs on your Mac.
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View, manage, and edit photos to create collages. Select and process individual files, combine them, preview the results, and crop, pan, mirror, and otherwise change the original canvas, etc. Add optical effects and visual filters, enhance the output visuals, etc.

LensFlares (aka LensFlare Studio Lite) is a brand new photo editor for adding optical effects on your Mac. You can choose from anamorphic lens flares, lighting effects, sci-fi flares, sunlight glare, and more.
Great For:
- Enhancing Photos
- Graphics Design
- Logos and Titles
- Special Effects
LensFlares has over 70 high resolution optical effects:
- Anamorphic Flares
- Natural Sunlight
- Sci-fi Flares
- Edge Glares
- opens wide variety of image types, including Photoshop PSD files.
- exports lossless TIFF, PNG, or compressed JPG files.
- opens any sized image
Lens Filters:
Customize your photos with 15 professional Lens Filters, such as Cinematic, Futuristic, Gothic, Warm, Cool, Grayscale, Vignette, etc.
LensFlares is the must have tool for any photographer or graphic designer.
For more advanced features, check out LensFlare Studio, the professional version for creating your own custom flares.
- LensFlare Elements
- Design Your Own Flares
- Bokeh and Light Effects
- High Resolution Lens Textures
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