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Over 3 hours of 1080p HD video tutorials on how to use Aperture!
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•Over 3 hours of 1080p HD video tutorials on how to use Aperture!
•36 individual video lessons guided by an Aperture expert.
•Simple interface that makes it easy to navigate through the videos.
•The videos guide the viewer with zooms, pans and highlights of what is being discussed.
•The keyboard shortcuts associated with each lesson are listed in the sidebar.
•Use the notes pane to jot down things to remember from each lesson, then output all your notes in a single PDF document!
Get the most out of Aperture with our "Learn - Aperture Edition" video training app!
Divided into four main sections (1.Import, 2.Organize, 3.Edit 4. Output) this course covers the entire process from importing, adding metadata, presets, editing and finally outputting your photos for the world to see. Organizational tools such as Projects, Faces, Places and Smart Albums are all discussed. In the Edit section of the course learn to make a photo look its absolute best with the tools available in Aperture's adjustments panel. In the output section discover all the ways to share your photos, from emailing just a couple images, using shared Photo Streams, uploading to Facebook and creating slideshows or books.
The voice and guide behind this training App is Drew Swanson. Drew is a 20+ year Mac user and has been using Macs professionally in the graphic design and photography fields for over 10 years. SInce 2007 Drew has been a member of The Apple Consultants Network, working in the Boise Idaho area to provide support and training to Mac users at their home and business. In 2009 Drew started TheMacU to provide video training courses to Mac users anywhere in the World.
Course Outline...
-Course Introduction
-Introduction to Aperture
A. Import (Approx 30 Minutes)
1. The Import Interface
2. Managed or Referenced files.
3. Import Settings
4. Import to Multiple Projects
5. Import from Photo Stream
B. Organize (Approx 50 Minutes)
1. Viewing Photos
2. Managing Projects
3. Creating Albums
4. The Inspector
5. View, Edit & Add Metadata
6. Ratings & Keywords
7. Faces & Places
8. Using the Filter
9. Creating Smart Albums
C. Edit (Approx 58 Minutes)
1. Versions & Stacks
2. Using the Adjustments Panel
3. Auto Enhance & Quick Fixes
4. Adjustments Part 1
5. Adjustments Part 2
6. Adjustments Part 3
7. Quick Brushes
8. Effects
9. Crop & Straighten
10. Light Tables and The Loupe
11. Using an External Editor
D. Output (Approx 40 Minutes)
1. Export
2. Email & Facebook
3. Shared Photo Streams
4. Web Journals & Pages
5. Printing
6. Slideshows
7. Books
E. Extras (Approx 12 Minutes)
1. Managing Libraries
2. Trash
3. Backup
4. Troubleshoot with Repair & Rebuild

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