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launch2net Premium lets you get online quickly, and reliably. If you use a USB modem or Internet stick for your mobile Internet access, launch2net Premium is the perfect tool to get you online all over the world. Quick and Easy.
Hassle free connections. This software will detect the mobile network you are using and selects the right connection settings automatically. You do will not have to search for cryptic information like APN names or DNS addresses.
Save hundreds of monetary units. If you are travelling abroad and you are using the SIM card from your home network to access the Internet, the roaming costs can sum up to thousands of Dollars or Euros. With launch2net Premium you can use local data connections for a fraction of these costs. Just get a local prepaid SIM card and let launch2net Premium figure out the connection details.
Control your connections. Set up a time or data limit. And launch2net Premium will display a warning and/or disconnect when the limit has been reached. This comes in handy if your data plan includes a time or volume restriction.
Review your connections. launch2net Premium offers a comprehensive statistics with a detailed view on every connection. Time and data throughput, SIM card used, and much more.
Connect your iOS devices. launch2net Premium can share the mobile Internet connection with your iOS devices by creating a mobile WiFi hotspot. Your iOS devices just have to log into this WiFi network. This feature is not supported in OS 10.8
Get your message out. Send, receive and manage SMS text messages using the powerful SMS text message manager supports multipart and multigroup messages and is linked to the address book of Mac OS X.

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