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Latin WORDS allows you to translate words from Latin to English and vice versa.
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As you can easily deduct from its name, Latin WORDS is a free Mac application that allows you to easily translate words from English to Latin language and the other way around. With a dictionary of 30.000 words, this simple tool can come in handy if you need to quickly translate in Latin the words you might come across, even in their inflected forms.

Using the Latin WORDS is very easy. After launching this application, you will be greeted by a simple interface, organized in two tabs, one for each type of translation (English to Latin and Latin to English). Once you have selected the desired mode, simply type your word, click on the "Lookup" button and you will instantly be provided with the result. It is simple, efficient and straight to the point.

Other than that, not much more can be said about the Latin WORDS. Besides allowing you to easily translate the desired words, this application also lets you save or print your results.

All in all, if you are ever in need of an easy-to-use Mac application that can help you translate around 30.000 Latin words to English and the other way around and can parse inflected forms, then you might want to give the Latin WORDS a try.

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  • Very easy to use
  • Well-organized
  • Can translate 30,000 words


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In fact,the app was useful when I studied Latin. The main advantage is that it's free)

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