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Free Small utility that allows you to quickly typeset LaTeX equations, without bothering with file creation, preambles, and so on.
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LaTeXiT is an equation editing application that will allow you to create and export complex mathematical equations to PDF format. There are many applications available that will allow you to create complex mathematical formulas, but just a few are based on the LaTeX engine. LaTeX is a TeX typesetting standard well-known in the academic environment due to its high quality of typesetting which it offers. LaTeXiT is a specialized version of LaTeX that will allow you to typeset complex mathematical formulas and easily export or drag and drop them to other applications, such as: TextEdit, Mail and many more.

At a first look, LaTeXiT seems to be quite a simple and straightforward tool; just insert the mathematical formula and export it to PDF format. It is easy to create any formula you want due to the "LaTeX palette" and the viewer/editor palette (LaTeXiT window). You can select any symbol, number, letter or notation from LaTeX palette and it will be automatically inserted in the editor panel of the LaTeXiT (viewer/editor window). When you finish writing the equation, simply click "LaTeXiT" button on the bottom and the complete formula will appear in viewer window. You can drag and drop the formula from the viewer window into any other application you may choose.

All sounds good and easy, but when I tried to preview my formula I found out that for proper functionality, you are required to use several other components that you need to download and install separately, like : pdfLaTeX, ps2pdf and Ghostscript. more

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  • Compact interface
  • Generate equations in PDF format
  • Create complex mathematical formulas


  • Requires the pdfLatext and ps2pdf tools in order to export the equations to PDF format
  • Requires you to know LaTeX language in order to write complex equations


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