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ASIStudio is a one-stop astrophotography software platform integrated with multiple standalone powerful software apps. With the clean interface and great interactive design, it is extremely easy to use and friendly to both beginners and advanced astrophotographers. It can automatically detect software updates to help you avoid the bother of downloading and updating manually.

ASICap is a planetary imaging app that features the functions of image capturing, autorun, autoguiding, display control, language switch, interface auto resizing, temperature curve, skin switch, etc.

ASIVideoStack is a stacking app for planetary imaging. It can stack planetary, solar, and lunar videos, color solar images, invert image colors, and adjust images’ sharpness, brightness, contrast and saturation. It also allows you to adjust the gain value and to stretch the histogram.

ASIImg is a DSO imaging app. It not only allows you to preview single image during your imaging process, also allow you to preview images continuously. It can rapidly correct device installation, adjust the imaging settings, do autorun and help you stretch the histogram in both automatic and manual way.

ASIDeepstack is a stacking app for DSO imaging. It allows you to stack both calibration and light frames separately, preview a single image before and after calibration, process the image, and preview all images in a quick way. more

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