Langenscheidt German Learner's dictionary

Langenscheidt German Learner's dictionary 7.7

Monolingual dictionary, specifically tailored to the needs of all learners of German

The Langenscheidt Publishing Group is best known for its area of core competence: dictionaries and language learning material in various formats and on diverse media. Langenscheidt sets the highest editorial and production standards for all the products it publishes. The corporate logo, a blue "L" on a yellow background, is instantly recognized by many people all over the world. We are glad to present Langenscheidt German Learner's dictionary for Mac OS. Authoritative dictionary content and high-performance program shell Slovoed by Paragon Software (SHDD), the leading developer of multi-platform software applications for mobiles and computers, turn Langenscheidt into indispensable instrument for effective learning and translation. Langenscheidt German Learner's dictionary offers: - Over 60,000 entries (66,000 headwords and phrases) - Over 63.000 example sentences and more than 30.000 compound words for active vocabulary extension - Up-to-datevocabulary from all general languagestylelevels - Simple, easy to understand definitions - Extensive grammar information and over 2.100 extra tips on correct language usage - Specifically tailored to the needs of all learners of German

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