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LaCie Update Tool 2.0

LaCie Update Tool v2.0.1 adds the latest firmware support for LaCie drives.
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aCie Update Tool v2.0.1 adds the latest firmware support for LaCie drives with FireWire 400 and 800 and/or USB 2.0 interface. The LaCie Update Tool will not update Ethernet Disk or LaCie eSATA-only products. There are separate updaters for these Ethernet Disks, and nothing to update for eSATA-only disks. This update is compatible with OS X 10.3.9 thru 10.5.2, for both Intel and PPC based Macs.
The LaCie Update Tool will confirm if you have the most current firmware for your LaCie FireWire 400 and 800 drives. If the latest firmware is not already installed on your FireWire drive, you will be prompted to update the firmware. Some USB products do not contain changeable firmware and will not report a firmware version number.
IMPORTANT: Updating drive firmware is a critical task that should be done with attention to the included instructions. While LaCie has taken precautions to prevent data loss, be sure to have a backup copy of any important files or data before attempting to update firmware. Normally, firmware updating will not alter any data on the drive. If there are other unanticipated issues with your system, data loss is possible during the update process. Please proceed with caution. Be sure that your operating system is running correctly.

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