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The exploration into photo editing has led you to Kyoobik Photo (cubic), the photo app that turns your mundane photo into a geometric gridded image.
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The exploration into photo editing has led you to Kyoobik Photo (cubic), the photo app that turns your mundane photo into a geometric gridded image. Gridded image? Sounds straight to the point, but the amazing turns and slides you can take with this app will not only turn your photo into a custom work of art but also can take you back to the 1960's with its pop-art attitude.
When transforming your photo with this app you go beyond the columns and rows of a grid. The effect will immediately grid your image with a simple click. However, you can opt to take it to the next level and break out of four walls! Choose a framework for your image with spheres, triangles, or even hexagons. Everything can be controlled from here on out with a simple slider.

• This app works fast to create a gridded work of art that can be created and adjusted with simple sliders.
• You will be able to adjust the tile size, making them smaller or larger to fit a specific image.
• Adjust the border size and even the space between each geometric shape in your image.
• Add variation to the contrast between each tile.
• The tone and the color of your photo is up to you. The tint variation slider can add a hue to your photo to make it more monochromatic or choose a more earthy tone to make your photo have a more classic, retro look.
• Use the Papers tab to change the background color and texture behind your photo.
The amazing thing about the Kyoobik Photo app is you have the power to adjust every tile in your grating masterpiece. Moving the image shift slider is an interesting tool to use. When moving the slider up and down you can create a more distorted effect with the actual grid. Your image starts to turn and shift. One line of your image is not meeting with another, making your viewer move around your composition. If you haven't done enough distortion by now you can simply select and click a tile to delete it, or drag a line and all those tiles will be deleted. You can strategically remove and replace specific tiles to fit your imagination! To finish of this work of art move over to the Papers tab and adjust your background to give the overall design that final impact.

The artists behind Kyoobik Photo have hand picked papers that can give your new image a greater tooth. Kyoobik Photo goes further than the average cube by providing professional quality photo editing that is easy, quirky and custom to your ideas!

• Works with Hi-Res images and saves Hi-Res for top-quality results
• A variety of presets get you started
• Creates personal-favorite custom presets using the "Save Preset" menu
• Has the addictive JixiPix Randomizer – so much fun!
• Easy-to-use slider controls to give you all the power you need!
• Superfast preview mode to immediately see edit results, with large image rendered at save
• Superior customer support and updates – we're committed to your long-term satisfaction

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